we no longer offer PBMT or Pain Mgmt at this time. Thank you 

Body Sculpting

Permanent Fat loss

At least 6 sessions are recommended for best results Of course smaller areas will require less. We offer package pricing with significant discounts when purcha... Read more

Non Invasive

Unlike surgical liposuction there is no pain, incisions, or recovery tine. Now for for men and women who want effective removal of excess fat without surgery. C... Read more

Is Body Sculpting for you?

We live in an era where our body is a form of expression. We invest an increasing amount of time and money in nutrition, diets, and sport. A fit and healthy bod... Read more

Newest technology

Cold Sculpting is what we focus on here at Cool Body Shop. We also offer. Led Res Light therapy along with various color light therapies, lymphatic massage , ca... Read more



The ladies at cool body were fantastic. I could really see the results that very same day !! Thank you for ...

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6 months ago

Thank you. My double chin is Gone. 

6 months ago


julie fox

6 months ago
The services they provide are amazing! After just 2 facial rejuvenation treatments the difference is incredible.